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Fun Toys: RoboShooter from ThinkGizmos

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The RoboShooter Remote Control Robot is a toy every kid will want this Christmas. It can be purchased at the link below: With a selection of super cool features the RoboShooter will provide entertainment over and over again. The Read More

Cool Presents: Balance Master Robot and Things we didn’t know loo roll

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The Balance Master Robot from ThinkGizmos is the freshest contraption for children and grown-ups. Accessible at Amazon Here: This Balance Robot gives hours of enjoyment to everybody as it features Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas for the kids – Antigravity Platform and Ingenious Machines

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NASA and other scientific boffins have been looking into gravity and how it can be defeated or decades. Star Wars, Star Trek and even Babylon 5 loved to demonstrate anti-gravity with demonstrations of levitation using complex jargon and funky machines to mock Isaac Newton and taunt us with their know-how. Read More

Ein paar coole Gadgets, die Sie kaufen möchten

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  Ferngesteuerter roboter für kinder Amazon - Spielzeugroboter schon immer eine Quelle der Inspiration und der Faszination, die neugierige Köpfe der Kinder und bieten den perfekten Einstieg in die Welt der Technologie Read More

Can’t Find Xmas Presents For Men? Here you go…

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If you are in a hurry and have no time to read this post just head over to Amazon UK For Christmas Gifts For Men. Don't worry there is still time to find the best gifts and we are sure we can help. Our website is full of some of the best gift ideas for boys and girls and there are hundreds of great gadgets Read More