Brilliant Geek Stuff for all Budgets

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Buying presents for geeks doesn’t have to be expensive, There are loads of brilliant gift ideas that are affordable for all budgets. Gadgets are fantastic gift ideas and you can find a heap of amazing geek stuff that will make even the most intelligent person completely satisfied at Christmas or birthday.

To give you a few ideas here are some of the top gadgets that are in high demand this Christmas.  All of these gadgets can be found online for less, helping you to make great savings and enjoy the luxury of avoiding crowded shopping centres and slow moving queues.

Best Geek Gift for Under a Tenner

Apple fanatics will love the Hard Drive cover for their iPhone 4.  This is the ultimate geeky buy and looks fantastic while also offering some brilliant and much needed protection for the expensive smartphone. This is the ideal present to buy anyone that works with computers or enjoys playing with them.

Best Gift Idea for Under Twenty Pounds

The solar phone charger is a must have gift for the geek who loves to own as many gadgets as possible. If you know someone that owns a smartphone, MP3 player, tablet and any other device that requires a battery this solar charger is the best gift to buy. This device enables the owner to charge all of their gadgets without having to be close to any electrical socket. It uses the solar panels to charge up any device that is compatible using only the energy harnessed from the sun.

Looking for a Gift for Under Thirty Pounds

If you have a bit more money to spend the iPhone helicopter is an amazing buy. This gadget works with the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. Using a downloaded app on the device it’s possible to control this amazing helicopter with the device. The helicopter has a fantastic design and has been built to withstand bumps and crashes while the new owner gets to grips with the gadget.

Something Extravagant

If money is no object or many of you are clubbing together the 150 in 1 arcade mania coffee table is the perfect present. Play classics on this super smart table that will sit perfectly in a modern or retro home and is the ide

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    Sounds great! so the helicopter is free? or the app costs under thirty pounds?

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