Christmas Gift Ideas for the kids – Antigravity Platform and Ingenious Machines

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NASA and other scientific boffins have been looking into gravity and how it can be defeated or decades. Star Wars, Star Trek and even Babylon 5 loved to demonstrate anti-gravity with demonstrations of levitation using complex jargon and funky machines to mock Isaac Newton and taunt us with their know-how. But we are pleased to announce that you too can have your own anti-gravity platform at home – all you need is a free plug socket. The Antigravity Platform itself, although tastefully finished in shiny metal chrome, looks like an oversized coaster. However, place the supplied globe “on” the platform and watch in amazement as it floats an inch or two above the surface. Try pushing the globe downwards – it just cannot be made to stay there, instead bobbing upwards on an invisible cushion. And if that wasn’t cool enough, flick the power switch to bathe your floating globe in cool, futuristic blue light emitted from the LEDs embedded into the Antigravity Platform (because let’s face it, anything with blue LEDs looks futuristic). And when the novelty of the slowly spinning globe wears off, we guarantee that you will experiment with other objects seeing what will and won’t float in space above the Antigravity Platform (hint – anything metal which weighs 3 ounces or less will levitate perfectly). The Antigravity Platform is the perfect way to keep kids and inquisitive men busy for ages while they try and work out how it works and what they can get to float on it. And even when you learn the secret of the Antigravity Platform (it uses a powerful electromagnet to create an equally powerful electromagnetic field), you can rest assured that it still retains it’s charm. Magnets are after all, incredibly cool regardless.

The Ingenious Machine set is the Christmas present that will keep the kids entertained for hours. It can be purchased direct from Amazon here.

Featuring a massive 237 pieces the Ingenious Machines set can make 4 separate models, a tank, knight, spider and racing car. Everything is included in the box so you don’t have to worry about getting batteries in advanced.

As well as being super entertaining for kids the Ingenious Machines are also great for improving patience, cognitive skills and concentration. Once all the models have been mastered anything can be made with some imagination.

An alternate set is also available for slightly younger children with slightly easier models and less pieces. It can be found by searching Amazon for ‘Ingenious Machines TG632’.

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