Cool Presents: Balance Master Robot and Things we didn’t know loo roll

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The Balance Master Robot from ThinkGizmos is the freshest contraption for children and grown-ups. Accessible at Amazon Here:

This Balance Robot gives hours of enjoyment to everybody as it features an assortment of various modes. The working modes include Driving, Dancing, Boxing, Balance and Gesture Control. The Gesture Control mode will astound loved ones alike as it can be controlled by essentially utilizing particular hand movements.


At around 9″ tall he is prepared to run out of the case once all included batteries have been inserted utilizing either the included remote or hand signals. The Balance Master Robot can even hold items on its included tray to convey things for you.

Running on the 2.4gHz Frequency implies that different Balance Robots can keep running together as they each independently connect to a remotes.

Ever had the feeling that the time you spend in the loo could be used to better yourself? You do? That’s good, we were worried it might be just us. Anyway, with the ‘Things we didn’t know” loo roll, every visit to the smallest room in the house can now be like a trip to the library.  Only a bit more productive and fun. Every single sheet on this roll of funky toilet paper is printed with a number of useful (or useless depending on how you look at it) facts, figures and quotes. Ever wanted to know how many banana related accidents there were in 2001? Where a shrimp’s heart is? Why Donald Duck was banned in Finland? You will find all the answers to these questions and many, many more. In between facts you’ll also find some cheesy quotes and poems to provide a break from all that learning. So addictive is the ‘Things we didn’t know” loo roll, that you will be hard pressed not to unravel and read the whole lot in one sitting. And instead of providing a collection of magazines and books which your guests will in turn use to psychoanalyse you, this loo roll provides all the reading material they will need. The same size, shape and texture of “normal” toilet paper, the “Things we didn’t know” loo roll is soft and gentle and does the same job. You will be able to impress friends and family with your knew found knowledge and potentially win the odd pub quiz on the way, but you’ll need a good story for when they inevitably ask “how do you know that?” Perhaps the advice printed on the box, “Poo and learn”, may not be the best answer!

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