Fun Toys: RoboShooter from ThinkGizmos

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The RoboShooter Remote Control Robot is a toy every kid will want this Christmas. It can be purchased at the link below:

With a selection of super cool features the RoboShooter will provide entertainment over and over again.

The RoboShooter is very easy to control using the included remote control and as an added extra it also has buttons on its chest to program the functions you would like it to do and it will perform them.

More info on Robots is available here:

The robot can be told to walk or slide in all directions. It also has a dance mode where music will play and the robot will move and dance along, however probably the best function of the robot is the Firing Mode.

Simply insert the included foam disks into the RoboShooters head and press the fire button on the remote and the RoboShooter will fire the disks out of the slot in its chest.

The RoboShooter is also now not only available in the silver and black colour it is also available in a cool Black and Red colour, handily the remotes run on different frequencies so each colour can be controlled separately at the same time. To find the new colour on Amazon simply search for ‘RoboShooter ThinkGizmos’.

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