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Geek clothing has increased in popularity in recent years. The success of shows such as The Big Bang Theory have made geeks hugely popular, and even those who don’t harness the mental capacity to be a true genius are seeking to recreate the look.  There are countless t-shirts, hoodies and hats all emblazoned with great and original designs, often witty and fun and they can be seen all over the high street.

If you are looking to buy some great geeky gifts to suit the wardrobe of a friend that has taken on this trend we have some ideas for you. These clothes and accessories that think outside the box. These are ideas that try a little harder to be geek worthy.

A Hat with a Difference

Hats are always useful, and many can add to the overall style that the wearer is trying to achieve. However, we think a true geek would want something a little bit extra than just something that will help to keep the head warm. That is why we love the iHat Music hat that allows the owner to listen to music without the need of awkward headphones.  The speakers are built into the hat and will work with your iPod or MP3 player to make it easier than ever to listen to tunes while keeping your head nice and cosy at the same time.

A T-Shirt with a Difference

T-shorts can be pretty cool these days, but there are some that are simply cooler than everything else going. The T-Qualizer 2 Panel can be attached to any top and turns it into a sound sensitive equalizer that responds to music and sounds in the vicinity. This is a great way of transforming event he plainest top into something geektastic.  The panel has three modes that include:

  • Light up sequence
  • Sound sensitive low
  • Sound sensitive high

You have the option of allowing it to light up using it’s own built in display or responding only to the sounds around you.

Save Money and Buy Online

Great gift ideas often cannot be found on the high street. If you are looking to add to the wardrobe of a stylish geek it’s better to look online. You can save a lot of money by finding the best deals, and free delivery is often possible too. Don’t queue up and fight the crowds, look for the best geek clothing and accessories on the Internet. You can’t go wrong.


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    iHat Music hat is cool? where can I buy one?

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