Geek T-Shirts and Gift Ideas

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Buying geek t-shirts is the latest trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Men and women, adults and kids are all spending their money on clever t-shirts that express their geeky side. Evolution t-shirts are hugely popular as are any of the ones that are worn by Sheldon in the hit show, The Big Bang Theory. If you know someone that is indulging their geeky side, or is a fan of the look we have some brilliant suggestions on what to buy them for Christmas or their birthdays. These gift ideas are the top gifts to buy for 2012 and will certainly add to the wardrobe and gadget list of every geek.

Something for the Smartphone Addict

Know someone that adores their phone? We have the perfect gift idea for them.  The iPhone Helicopter works with loads of smartphones, it could be an iPhone or an android. All you need to do is make sure they know to download the matching app and their phone won’t only allow them to browse online, call or text, it will also be able to act as a remote control for the iPhone Helicopter. A great gadget that costs less than £30 and is a brilliant looking gift that will provide heaps of entertainment.

Something to Wear on Clothing

The t-Qualizer is a panel that can be easily attached to any clothing, such as hoodies or t-shirts. The panel is able to interact with sound or perform it’s own light show. Wear the panel out and any clothing will be transformed from boring to geektastic. It costs less than a tenner and can be worn in clubs, pubs or just hanging out at home.

Keeping Your Head Warm

The iHat is a brilliant gift idea for anyone that loves to listen to music. Wearing headphones and hats can be tricky and this hat solves the problem perfectly. Built into the hat are two speakers and when you attach your iPod or MP3 player you can easily listen to tunes without the need for separate headphones. It’s affordable, looks smart, keeps your head warm and allows you to listen to music with ease. What could be more perfect?

Shopping Made Easy

Three gift ideas to match the tastes of anyone who simply has to buy gee


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    Yes, I like the T-shirt which display the information like code or some IT bands. It’s cool!

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    Yeah, I wish my code can be painted on my T-shirt.

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    We can buy some very cool T-shirt here: which was designed by some artists

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