Top 5 Geek Gifts for 2012

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The best geek gifts are always found online. High street stores rarely have enough floor space to house all the amazing products that are out there. That’s why Internet shopping is always the best bet when you’re looking for original and affordable gift ideas. If you are looking for some unique gift ideas that will make sure your present stands out from everyone else’s take a look over the following list; all these five presents are on the most wanted list for Christmas 2012.

Best 5 Gifts for Geeks the Christmas

  1. The 4GB Spy Clock allows you to record or capture any intruders with affordable convenience. The clock looks cool and is easily transportable. Hidden in the clock face is a tiny motion detector hidden behind the number 6. As soon as it detects movement it will start recording and has enough built in room to film for two hours. You can expand the memory to 8GB if you fell you would like some extra time available. If you don’t want to record a video the Spy Clock has the ability to capture images instead.
  2. The Anti-Gravity Platform is something for those who like to amaze.  This is a gift that would look fantastic on the coffee table, office or even the bedside table. The anti-gravity platform has magic properties that will allow anything placed above it to float (providing it weighs less than 85g).  This is a gift for kids and adults and most people will be amazed and left wondering just how it works. Suitable from ages 8 and up it’s something the children will certainly be intrigued by.
  3. The iPhone Helicopter is a gadget that will suit geeks perfectly. This amazing helicopter is nit just a remote controlled toy, it’s an impressive gadget that uses the latest in mobile technology. Use the free downloadable app and included transmitter and start flying the small and perfectly formed helicopter around the home or office.
  4. Mini Microscope for the iPhone is another amazing gadget for anyone with the Apple Smartphone. The mini microscope will allow you to capture the most remarkable images. You can view all sorts of objects in a whole new way with up to 60 x magnification and four LED white lights built into the gadget.
  5. The Wireless Weather Station is a must for anyone with an interest in the weather, even on the most basic levels. This amazing panel comes with a wireless sensor that can be placed outside to ensure you get the most up to date and accurate data possible.  The weather station also doubles as a cracking alarm clock.

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